Safety First

At Martin Marietta, safety is first in everything we do. It is our primary company value and the first agenda item for all meetings, from toolbox talks at our plants to executive meetings in our boardroom. Everything at Martin Marietta begins with safety.

Safety is vital to our culture and a shared responsibility. When it comes to injuries and incidents, zero is our goal every day. Each employee is empowered to challenge any conditions or practices that are potentially unsafe without the fear of repercussion.

Our team of safety professionals reports to the company's Ethics, Environment, Safety and Health Committee of our Board of Directors, and works alongside our nearly 9,000 employees every day to lead our journey to zero.

  • ‘This area is absolutely booming’

    Across Maryland and Virginia, public officials are gearing up for a slate of projects related to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

  • Martin Marietta is safer than ever before

    Martin Marietta's people set new benchmarks for safety in 2021 as the company completed its safest year on record.

  • Heroes make Martin Marietta

    As a U.S. Marine, Master Sergeant Tony Perez spent the bulk of his 24 years of service concerned with bullets, Band-Aids and beans. Now retired from the military, he intends to spend the next phase of his career using his logistical skills for another cause: safety.

  • Staying engaged

    No matter where the work takes them – the plant where the concrete is made, the increasingly dense roads of metro Denver, or the ever-changing jobsites where concrete is poured in a variety of conditions – the 16-member team prioritizes safety. Recently the group celebrated eight years without a safety incident.

  • Listening, discussing, and getting after it

    The 43 staff members at Salisbury Shop recently marked three years of work without a reportable incident. An impressive milestone for the central North Carolina operation, team members say the achievement’s impact elsewhere in the company is also worth celebrating.

  • The pinnacle of safety

    Martin Marietta's Chattanooga Quarry recently won the National Mining Association's Sentinels of Safety Award, one of the industry's most prestigious honors.

  • A 2020 first worth celebrating

    Led by Plant Manager Todd Bouquin, the team at Lemon Springs Quarry has become the first to earn back-to-back Martin Marietta Diamond Elite Awards.

  • Why I Work Safely campaign continues to grow

    Martin Marietta's Why I Work Safely campaign continues to grow and attract more employees wanting to tell their story.

  • Latest acquisition opens new doors in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

    Martin Marietta completed its latest acquisition in August, closing a deal to add a sand and gravel operation, five ready mix plants and 150 employees to its operations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW).

  • ‘We really wanted to be part of this’

    By the time the journey peaks, you’re scraping the sky at more than 14,000 feet. Millions have taken the ride since the first trek in 1891. Now, ballast from Parkdale Quarry will help ensure millions more have the same opportunity.

  • Poteet crew’s milestone just one more stop on safety journey

    The list of adjectives company leaders have used to describe the Poteet Sand Plant team is expansive, but as crew members pause to celebrate their accomplishment of reaching 500,000 hours without a reportable injury and continuing their journey to 1 million hours and beyond, their new leader has a few more adjectives he’d like to add.

  • Midlothian, Hunter teams among those leading pandemic relief efforts

    From money for hot meals in North Carolina to N-95 face masks for doctors and nurses in Iowa, Martin Marietta is opening its collective heart to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 update

    Martin Marietta remains open for business and is ready to meet your product and service needs

  • Martin Marietta holds biennial underground mine safety conference

    Martin Marietta’s underground mine community came together recently for two days of learning, networking and sharing of best practices.

  • Company support for Why Risk It? Just Click It! campaign to continue in 2020

    An NSSGA creation, Why Risk It? Just Click It! aims to educate miners about the life-saving impact seat belts can have – on the road, but more specifically in the quarry.

  • ‘A great benefit’

    A new companywide training program to drive safety culture is set to begin rolling out in 2020.

  • Dallas Rail Team earns the BNSF Stickler for Safety Award

    Various infrastructure improvements, enhanced communication and a continued focus on safety earned the Dallas Rail Team’s BNSF Stickler for Safety Award.

  • Texas cement team celebrates 1.5 million hours of safety

    The team at Martin Marietta's Midlothian Cement Plant recently celebrated 1.5 million employee hours without a lost-time incident.

  • Magnesia Specialties' Ohio operation forms Emergency Response Team

    18 Magnesia Specialties employees in Woodville, Ohio, recently participated in a three-day workshop to learn high-angle rescue.

  • The Martin way

    The team at the Maryland District's Medford Quarry recently celebrated 42 years of working without a lost-time incident.

  • Hunter Cement earns national safety award

    The team at the Hunter Cement Plant in Texas was recently presented with the Portland Cement Association’s 2019 Chairman’s Safety Performance Award.