We Are Committed to Sustainable Business Practices

Streets. Highways. Stadiums. Schools. As a leading provider of natural resource-based building materials, Martin Marietta is proud to provide the solid foundation upon which our communities thrive. As a company, we are built upon safety, integrity, excellence, community and stewardship - values that influence every aspect of our business, particularly when it comes to sustainability.

Rooted in our core values and a commitment to being responsible stewards of the Earth's resources, our sustainability approach allows us to create lasting results that benefit our employees, customers, communities and society as a whole.

Our Sustainability Approach

Learn more about our focus areas and how we fulfill our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Inclusion & Diversity

Martin Marietta's diverse, engaged and dedicated workforce is our greatest asset, and the continued well-being of our employees is critically important for our success. We are committed to providing all employees with the programs, resources, support and opportunities necessary to grow. We strive to create safe, healthy, diverse and highly engaging workplaces and hope that our decisions in this area will extend far beyond our business, positively affecting people and communities for generations to come.


Political Contributions & Lobbying

At Martin Marietta, we believe our success depends on the ability to integrate important values into our long-term corporate strategy. In addition to safety, environmental, employees, communities, and other important considerations that advance our sustainability objectives, this includes making sure that our political expenditures and advocacy are aligned with our core business strategy, goals and values. In particular, we recognize the importance of monitoring our political spending and our participation in trade associations, including those that may lobby on climate change-related concerns, as well as maintaining our robust governance procedures. We take a multi-faceted approach to political engagement to ensure that the public and our leaders understand the challenges facing our economy, our industry, and our Company. Through a variety of strategies, we provide information to promote an understanding of issues of critical importance to Martin Marietta and our shareholders. Martin Marietta's policy with regard to political contributions and lobbying is that it must be carried out in a lawful and ethical manner that promotes the interests of the Company without regard for private political preferences of individual executives, officers or directors.


Martin Marietta Sustainability Reports

Building. Caring. Growing. Together.

We believe it's not just what we make, but what we make possible. Our sustainability reports detail the impact our company and employees make each and every day. We're grateful for the opportunity to operate in more than 400 communities, building relationships in the neighborhoods and cities we call home. Our strength is built from these bonds, and we're proud to share our story with you.

From our world-class safety programs and performance to environmental practices that reduce our impact and ensure operational excellence, explore how our sustainable business practices contribute to the long-term success of our employees, communities and stakeholders.

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