Kimberly Stevenson Awarded a Martin Marietta College Scholarship

BYU Student: 'I want to repay those who have helped me'

Kimi Stevenson hasn’t been successful because she’s motivated to do great things – that would be too simple an explanation.

The 18-year-old Brigham Young University sophomore (she finished high school a year early) has been successful because the great things she achieves push her to do more.

The college scholarship she’s been awarded is a prime example.

Robin, Kimi and Brad Stevenson.

Robin, Kimi and Brad Stevenson.

“Having this huge financial help is amazing, but what I love most about it is that it shows there are people out there who have seen what I can do and they’re pulling for me,” she says. “That’s a good reminder of why I need to put in the extra effort. One day, I want to repay all those who have helped me on this journey.”

That attitude is nothing new for Stevenson, who has been taking great work to the next level since childhood.

In high school, she was offered extra credit for completing a community service project. Not content to provide comfort to those in need for just a semester, she began a charity, Kristine’s Kids, that continues today.

Named after her aunt, who months earlier had lost a battle to cancer at a young age, Kristine’s Kids produces tutus and superhero capes for children battling the disease.

“Going to the bedsides to give these children their cape or tutu – the reactions to something that only took me an hour to make are just so amazing,” she says.

Stevenson, whose father is Brad Stevenson, a senior area sales manager in Martin Marietta’s Cement division, says she was already interested in the medical field when she first saw those children smile; their faces were fixed in her mind earlier this year when she applied to BYU’s College of Nursing. She hopes to become a nurse practitioner.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m working in a hospital or a nursing home. It’s the human interaction,” she says. “That’s what I’m really interested in.”

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