About Us


"We can affirm our values through our actions by reiterating our commitment to providing a safe workplace - in every way, but we can't stop there. Outreach in the communities we serve is vital. We must consistently treat our co-workers, customers, vendors, neighbors and other stakeholders with dignity, care and respect. Carefully listen. Both provide and seek support and help when it's needed. ... We're not perfect. But we are trying to be our best. Much of that is because we're ONE. One Team. One Purpose. One Future."

- Ward Nye | Chairman, President and CEO

In a world that's focused on the power of many, we believe in the power of ONE — the magic of bringing together our diverse perspectives, backgrounds, experiences and talents to create a shared vision and future.
Inclusion is creating an environment where the power of ONE can thrive.

At Martin Marietta, inclusion is a commitment, renewed each day, to show up with heart for coworkers, customers, communities and loved ones to enable and ensure a sense of belonging, safety and well-being in body and in mind. This means embracing our uniqueness by treating everyone with dignity and respect, looking out for each other, speaking up, showing up and always doing what is right. Our strength is derived from our people, and championing this strength empowers each of us to be genuine and make a difference in our pursuit of excellence.

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Engagement at Martin Marietta is the power of ONE in action.

Engagement happens when we bring together exceptional and diverse talent with different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, qualifications, perspectives, experiences, voices and skills to ensure that we will consistently develop the best ideas and advance our world-class ambition. Enabled by an inclusive environment where each person feels like they belong, are valued and can speak up, engagement allows us to forge stronger, more productive connections fueled by trust, compassion and authenticity. It ensures we pursue excellence and continuously improve - as ONE.

Inclusion & Engagement Task Force

The task force is made up of 13 Martin Marietta leaders with various experiences and backgrounds from across the company to ensure our culture is consistently welcoming to all current and future employees, as well as open to new and diverse thought, and to inform and guide our focus on the inclusive and engaging aspects of our company culture.

Our Sustainability Approach

Rooted in our core values and commitment to being responsible stewards of the Earth's resources, our sustainability approach allows us to create lasting results that benefit our employees, customers, communities and society as a whole.

Our Future Together

We provide high-quality heavy building materials, but life at Martin Marietta is about more than what we do, it's about how we do it. Guided by our values, we're on a journey to be a world-class organization.