Wyoming Site an Honor Plant

Guernsey Quarry is 2nd Winner in Martin Marietta's Rocky Mountain Division

The Rocky Mountain Division is relatively new to Martin Marietta, but is already developing a reputation within the Company for success and high performance.

The division is composed of operations in Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, where Guernsey Quarry stands out this year as the Rocky Mountain’s lone Honor Plant.

The quarry joins Colorado’s Riverbend Sand & Gravel, a 2014 award winner, as one of only two Rocky Mountain sites to earn the distinction since the division was created in 2012.

Located several hundred miles from the nearest Martin Marietta property, Guernsey is a unique, rail-serviced operation featuring five distinct geological deposits.

Guernsey Quarry in Wyoming was recognized as a 2015 Honor Plant winner.

In 2014, gross profit at the site increased by 72 percent and return on assets climbed 78 percent. What makes the quarry’s leadership and crew most proud, however, is that their success was reached safely.

"We work as a team and we all strive for the same goal," said Mindy Ducheneaux, a yard loader operator at Guernsey. "We all want everyone to go home safely at the end of every day."

Recognizing the hard work and dedication necessary for any operation to win an Honor Plant award, Martin Marietta’s most coveted prize, Rocky Mountain Division President Pat Walker lauded the men and women of Guernsey for distinguishing themselves as one the Company’s top performing crews.

"We’re quite proud of the Guernsey team," Walker said. "They have given us all an example to shoot for as we move forward. For that, they have our thanks and our respect."

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