Mont Belvieu Yard Takes 1st Martin Marietta Honor Plant Award

Houston Operation Makes Safety the Focus

Almost literally in the shadows of the oil refineries and chemical plants that rise into the skies east of Houston, you’ll find Mont Belvieu Yard and its stockpiles of material mined and crushed at Company quarries hundreds of miles away.

There is no primary or secondary plant at Mont Belvieu. No crusher or conveyors, either. In fact, if you’re not careful, you might miss the yard as you drive by it.

Though its footprint is small, the role Mont Belvieu plays in its district and division is huge.

With shipments of nearly 1.4 million tons (almost triple its 2012 total), gross profit at Mont Belvieu increased 136 percent last year. Supplying material for expansion of its neighboring plants and refineries, keeping busy hasn’t been a problem for the crew at Mont Belvieu Yard.

Mont Belviue Yard's team smiles after winning a 2015 Martin Marietta Honor Plant award.

And, while busy is certainly good for business, it does bring with it additional safety concerns.

"Not only do we have to keep an eye out for each other, but all of the other people on site as well," notes Weighmaster Melissa Fregia. "We need to constantly be sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing in the safest manner possible."

"When it comes to getting everything done and doing it safely, a lot is required.," adds District Sales Manager Steve Ware. "John Castro and his team have done an excellent job at that."

The numbers certainly bear out that assessment; the yard hasn’t had a single reportable incident since its opening.

With its first Honor Plant award, Mont Belvieu joins nearby Bender Yard as the only current Martin Marietta distribution yards to have received the honor. It also is only the third Houston District operation (after Bender and Garwood Sand & Gravel) to be so recognized.

"It’s nice for these employees to get this type of pat on the back," notes Castro. "It’s a well-deserved honor and one that I think will push them to do even better going forward."


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