Arrowood Quarry Earns 6th Martin Marietta Honor Plant Award

North Carolina Site Recognized as Top Performer in 2015

There’s a number that separates Arrowood Quarry from each of this year’s Honor Plant winners.

In fact, the number separates the site from nearly all other winners of the award since it first was presented in 1987.

That number: six.

Arrowood had a banner year in 2014 with across-the-board, double-digit increases in production, sales and profit.

The resulting Honor Plant award, number six for the Charlotte quarry, ties it with North Carolina’s Statesville Quarry for the most ever by a single Martin Marietta site.

Arrowood Quarry won its 6th Martin Marietta Honor Plant award in 2015.

A number of outside factors pushed the quarry in 2014, including an improved local housing market, work at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and the construction of two nuclear power plants in Georgia and South Carolina.

In the end, production rose by 14 percent last year, sales by 20 percent and gross profit by nearly 36 percent. More importantly, Arrowood completed another year without a reportable incident, a streak that dates back to 2002.

"We stand on our safety record," says Smith. "You see or hear about an accident elsewhere and you wonder how it happened, but it doesn’t take much around this stuff. You’ve really got to stay on top of your game."

The reasons for Arrowood’s success may be in debate, but no one will argue that with six Honor Plant awards, Smith and his team at the 50-year-old quarry remain at the top of their game.


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