3 Honored in Southwest Division

Beckmann Quarry, Rio Medina Quarry, Mont Belvieu Yard Named 2015 Honor Plants

The old adage is true: Everything is bigger in Texas.

The population is big. The area is big. It may come as no great surprise to learn that Martin Marietta’s presence there is big as well.

Teams at dozens of Company sites work to meet the frenzied demand created by the state’s economic growth, but only three stand out in 2015 as winners of the Honor Plant award, Martin Marietta’s highest internal recognition.

Martin Marietta's Southwest Division is home to three Honor Plant winners - Beckmann Quarry, Rio Medina Quarry and Mont Belvieu Yard.

Combined, San Antonio’s Beckmann Quarry and Rio Medina Quarry produced more than 10 million tons of limestone last year. More than 200 miles to the east, the team at Mont Belvieu Yard, a rail distribution center, played its part by moving nearly 1.4 million tons of material to customers across the region.

All the while, the operations maintained perfect safety ledgers.

Beckmann celebrated a streak of more than 2 million consecutive safe work hours last year. Rio Medina’s team hasn’t had a reportable incident since 2011 and Mont Belvieu has been accident-free since 2008.

Jim Densberger, plant manager at Beckmann, said the reason safety is such a heavy focus at all Martin Marietta sites is clear.

"The safety record at any location in the Company can change in a heartbeat. All it takes is a poor decision by one employee," he said. "We can set records when it comes to tonnage and profit, but if one person gets hurt, we’ve failed."

Southwest Division President Larry Roberts said he was gratified to see the Beckmann, Rio Medina and Mont Belvieu teams be rewarded for their tireless dedication to safety and their work.

"Each of these operations is uniquely deserving of this coveted prize," Roberts said. "I am proud of their exceptional accomplishments."


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