Martin Marietta Hits the Links

Company Holds 2 Golf Tournaments to Aid Community

Two golf tournaments organized by Martin Marietta employees have brought thousands of dollars in donations to organizations in San Antonio and Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Rocks, Woods & Irons Golf Scramble

The inaugural event in Tishomingo, the Rocks, Woods & Irons Golf Scramble, provided nearly $16,000 to the school district in Mill Creek, Oklahoma, where Martin Marietta operates both a granite and a limestone quarry.

In San Antonio, the 10th annual Martin Marietta Golf Tournament collected more than $78,000 for several charities, including the San Antonio Food Bank, the Epilepsy Foundation of San Antonio, SAM Ministries of San Antonio, the Battered Women’s Shelter of San Antonio and the Family Life Center supporting the Just Jes Toy Run.

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