Play ball: Donated Martin Marietta materials have big impact on high school sports programs

When it comes to helping local schools expand their extracurriculars, Martin Marietta is certainly an MVP.

This past spring, Martin Marietta quarries in North Carolina and Maryland worked with local high schools and outside organizations to assist with creating sports complexes and facilities.

One major contribution came to fruition in March when 3,500 tons of material from Reidsville Quarry was donated to Reidsville High School to renovate its football field.

The stadium will see a complete overhaul with the old grass field being replaced by synthetic turf and new facilities all around the stadium.

In total, the material donation was valued at over $91,000.

Martin Marietta Area Sales Manager Scotty Crouse (center, right in a black shirt) helps break ground with community leaders and Carolina Panther staff at Reidsville High School.

“Reidsville High School athletics dreamed of refurbishing the stadium, but this project would cost millions from private funds; however, this dream has now become a reality due to the folks at Martin Marietta, who are supplying the rocks for the project and saving us thousands of dollars,” said Coach James Teague, whom the stadium is now named after. “This gift is a major reason why our dream has become a reality. ‘Thank You’ is not enough to tell the folks at Martin Marietta how much the donation to the community means to us.”

Scotty Crouse, area sales manager for the Greensboro District, was selected as a dignitary to participate in the groundbreaking.

“When first approached about the opportunity to partner with the Reidsville High School football program, we were beyond excited,” Crouse said. “You can’t talk about high school football in North Carolina without mentioning the Reidsville Rams, who have won more state championships than any other school in the state. We are honored to be a part of such a strong community and winning tradition, much like our own culture here at Martin Marietta.”

And Martin Marietta wasn’t the only organization involved. 

The renovation was made possible thanks to a $250,000 grant from the NFL’s Carolina Panthers as a part of their Grassroots Field Grant program.

The Panther's leadership, including the lovable mascot Sir Purr, and community leaders attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The Panthers’ Director of Community Relations Riley Fields said the team was happy the grant would have an impact on the community for years to come.

“It goes well beyond just the fact that there is going to be a new field and track here. The ability to impact the lives of kids moving forward for the next generation is something that we are really excited about,” Fields told a local news outlet. 

And from the football field to the softball diamond, Martin Marietta also strives to prepare the next generation of team players.

North East Quarry recently donated to Rising Sun High School’s Softball Complex in Maryland.

The school’s baseball team has had dugouts for over a decade, while the softball team was left without.

After a discussion with the school’s athletic booster club, Martin Marietta was able to help construct dugouts for their softball field by donating 40 tons of screenings material to the school.

“Martin Marietta making a difference in youth sports means the world to me,” said Senior Sales Representative Sean Jamison, who assisted in the project. “As a coach and manager of several programs within my town and community, our reach impacting those players and creating a better and safer experience will always be important. It is nice knowing that my company is giving back to programs that help our youth.”