Sustainable Business Practices

Martin Marietta supplies the resources necessary for building the solid foundations on which our communities thrive. As a steward of the Earth's resources, our company incorporates sustainability as a core value within its business agenda.

Our company's commitment to sustainability enhances our core values, building a foundation of social and environmental responsibility. This unwavering focus drives us in four key areas: safe operations, community well-being, employee well-being, and environmental stewardship. Through the integration of our sustainability principles, we create lasting results that benefit our employees, customers, communities, and society as a whole.


We are pleased to share our second annual sustainability report, which details the impact our company and our employees make, every day, within the communities, big and small, we live and work. From our World-Class Safety programs and performance, to our targeted and intentional support of housing, hunger reduction and healthcare, to environmental programs that reduce our impact and ensure operational excellence, we have a solid foundation and an exciting opportunity from which to build.

2018 Sustainability Report


2017 Sustainability Report


2016 Sustainability Report


2015 Sustainability Report

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