Reaching 2 Million Man Hours

Reaching two million man hoursFor their efforts throughout 2013, the Southwest Division’s Beckmann Quarry was recognized as a 2014 Honor Plant, an award won by the quarry for the second time in three years. Plants are judged on their safety, environmental, public service and production practices over the year and must excel in all areas to be presented with the honor.

While it focuses on many parts of a plant’s operations, the award emphasizes safety, as it requires a minimum of three years with no reportable accidents on site. The Beckmann Quarry, however, far surpassed this minimum, and will reach seven years and 2 million man hours with no lost time this year – a true safety milestone.

Setting Up for Success

Reaching the 2 million man hour mark is a direct result of the dedication to safety everyday by all of the quarry’s employees. Seven years ago, leadership at Beckmann noticed a lack of emphasis on safety, and wanted to bring it back into focus. To accomplish this, the team set up programs that empowered employees to take responsibility for their own and their co-workers’ safety.

They implemented the Wing Man and Guardian Angel programs, both of which encourage workers at all levels to look out for each other on the job and correct unsafe behavior when it happens. Along with these programs, employees at the Beckmann Quarry also created the Site Safety Team, a group made up of hourly employees from different areas of the plant. The self-run team hears concerns related to safety from other employees and works to fix the problems presented to them.

Giving Credit Where it’s Due

The Site Safety Team has done such an amazing job at the Beckmann Quarry that they were recognized in their own right by Martin Marietta. The company selected the leader of the site safety team to receive recognition for an Achieving Excellence award after being nominated by the quarry’s plant manager, Jim Densberger.

“I give all the credit to the employees and my managers,” said Jim. “We’re able to make these achievements because of the dedication of the employees and the buy-in from the employees.” The award marks another milestone in the development and progression of the safety at the Beckmann Quarry since 2007.

The tremendous efforts by everyone at the Beckmann Quarry truly exemplify Martin Marietta’s commitment to safety. The hard work of employees has kept everyone safe on the job for nearly 2 million man hours, an achievement well worth recognition. With the incredible progress they’ve seen so far, the Beckmann Quarry will continue moving forward toward new milestones, practicing safety every hour of every day.


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