Closing the LOOP on Safety

When it comes to safety, everyone at Martin Marietta is ‘in the loop.’ And in the Southeast Division, that loop is more than just a symbol or phrase; it’s an entire program.

The LOOP safety training program was created when leadership within the Division noticed an unacceptable number of preventable incidents. Since its inception, the LOOP has been successful in reengaging leadership and employees in making safety a primary daily focus.

So, what does success look like? The Southeast Division’s total incidence rate has dropped from 3.49 to 0.75 and nearly half of the Division’s sites received zero citations at inspections.

Communication is Key
LOOP is an acronym for Leadership, Ownership, Onboarding and Performance. The program was originally created to clarify leadership’s safety roles and responsibilities. Similar to other Martin Marietta safety program elements, the LOOP consists of face-to-face breakout sessions to inform and empower leaders to emphasize safety and safety values, and encourage ownership from all employees.

The LOOP also improves communication issues by adopting the ‘close the loop’ mantra. Everyone should be informed (or ‘in the loop’) when an incident or a near-miss occur to prevent future incidents. Leaders and managers are trained to always ask “did I close the loop?”

Leadership recognized the importance of expanding the audience to all employees. Throughout Martin Marietta, safety is emphasized at all levels, empowering employees to help and educate each other regardless of position. Now all employees in the Southeast are relied upon to report safety issues and near-miss incidents, as well as examples of exceptional safety.

Recognizing and Rewarding Accomplishments
Recognizing employees for their commitment to safety is another vital element of the LOOP program. These recognitions create ownership and pride in the workplace

On an individual level, management recognizes any employee who goes above and beyond. At the facility level, sites are rewarded with a special, company-provided lunch and gift cards for receiving no citations during an inspection. The site with the most citation-free inspections is honored with a plaque at the Southeast Division’s annual meeting.

An Ongoing Journey
Since its creation, the LOOP program evolved with new safety measures. Brief refresher courses are given each year to keep employees engaged and focused. New standards and better equipment, including metatarsal protection in boots, keeping gloves attached to belts, and a new mass alert system, are being implemented. This year, all employees are required to participate in full breakout sessions to maintain progress achieved so far.

The ultimate goal of the LOOP program is zero – zero incidents. The Southeast Division made progress toward this goal, and the journey continues. This dedication exemplifies the Martin Marietta commitment toward keeping its employees safe.

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