Safety in the Shop

Martin Marietta's Salisbury Shop Celebrates 3 Years Accident Free

Martin Marietta's Salisbury Shop, which provides mechanical and operational support for aggregates and other facilities across the company, recently held a luncheon to celebrate three years and more than 210,000 work hours without a reportable incident.

The shop employs 36 full-time workers, a third of which have been with Martin Marietta for fewer than three years.

“It’s been a challenge for us,” said Damon Allen, director of production services. “To have three years under our belt is amazing and the result of necessary changes to our safety culture. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Martin Marietta's Salisbury Shop

Salisbury Shop Employees include:

Damon Allen, Paul Arbucci, Donnie Barger, Nathan Barnhardt, Aaron Byerly, Ron Campbell, Charlie Cox, Jerry Deal, Walter Ferrell, Bobby Foust, Wes Fulk, Garret Goble, John Gullett, Nathan Hardister, Brian Hawkins, Chris Johnson, Richard Johnson, Gary Kitchen, Joseph Litaker, Jarrett Lockhart, Don Mahaffrey, Braxton McDaniel, Clinton McDaniel, Greg Moore, Cindy Neely, Derrick Neely, Fred Overcash Jr., Tom Paller, Willie Payne, Luke Phelps, Randy Robertson, Austin Shrewsbury, Tim Shue, Matt Shumaker, Lloyd Stirewalt and Ellen Thompson.

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