Safe in the Country, Safe in the City

Training, Experience, Attitude Lead to Success in Central Texas

One plant is in a fairly remote place where they check the porta potties for various wildlife.

At the other plant, local crews crush rock near a tree-lined subdivision as the city of San Antonio grows ever closer to its borders.

Though the teams face vastly different conditions, each does so with the same goal in mind and heart: working safely.

“If you’re looking for examples of how to do things right, you have to start at Poteet Sand and San Pedro Quarry,” said Central Texas Aggregates District Production Manager Ken Early. “Both plants have great people with the right experience and the right attitudes.”

Currently working on a 587,000-hour stretch without a reportable incident that dates back 20 years, the team at the fairly rural Poteet Sand plant is completely dedicated to the Guardian Angel program as well as Martin Marietta’s other safety initiatives, said Agapito “Gapo” Zapata, the site’s leadperson.

The Poteet Sand team.

“(Regional Vice President-General Manager) Chance Allen made it clear that he wanted us to buy into Martin’s safety programs because they would help us continue our success,” he said. “I’m proud that we have. We constantly look out for one another and won’t settle for anything less than full commitment to safe work.”

Rigo Gonzalez, a crusher operator, serves as safety team leader at San Antonio’s San Pedro Quarry, where the crew hasn’t had a reportable incident since 2002. The streak, which now sits at more than 401,000 hours, would never have been possible without robust and thorough training, he said.

“Safety only exists if we work together, and as a team leader and mentor, it’s my job to make sure everyone knows that,” Gonzalez said. “That’s a message we instill as soon as someone new comes on board. We tell them that production is important, but that we can’t produce without first focusing on safety.”

The San Pedro Quarry team.

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