Fostering Accountability with Guardian Angels

Guardian AngelWorking toward a healthier body is a journey; a lifestyle change. Likewise, in Martin Marietta’s Rocky Mountain Division, safety is not viewed as policy or a program, but rather a lifestyle known as “Guardian Angel.”

Keeping Each Other Safe

“Our Guardian Angel way of life strengthens the safety culture within the Rocky Mountain Division and successfully aligned three different safety cultures following our joining the company in 2012,” said Chris Downs, Human Resources and Safety Manager. “That is when we adopted this lifestyle from the Southwest Division, which created it back in 2000. It’s continual; there is no end, just a clear and consistent message that improvement and safety is of utmost importance.”

Employees serve as Guardian Angels by holding themselves and each other accountable. If an unsafe environment or activity is witnessed, each employee, regardless of position, considers it his or her duty to speak up. Employees observe each other during the workday and are encouraged to stop tasks or projects they deem unsafe.

Living by the Creed

In the Rocky Mountain Division, the Guardian Angel Creed serves as a standard and a constant reminder for employees to keep themselves, and each other, safe. It states:

I am now and will always be empowered to stop any actions or processes that will endanger any other person or myself, and will do so with no fear of retribution from anyone at Martin Marietta Materials. I will do so because I am totally committed to working in a safe environment that my family and I know will allow me to come home safe and healthy.

“We’re focusing on a culture that is behavior-based, not compliance-based, so we continually train on safety and regularly revisit and refer to the Creed, from the onboarding stage and beyond,” said Downs.

The Guardian Angel lifestyle is highly visible through signage and discussions at annual meetings and monthly safety meetings. It is this consistent messaging that encourages employees in Martin Marietta’s Rocky Mountain Division to keep safety at the forefront and to hold each other accountable, not only on the job, but after hours.


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