CEO Safety Message to Employees

By Ward Nye, President, Chairman and CEO

Last year, 2014, was the safest recorded year in our Company’s history. We should all be proud of that level of success and I thank you for your role in the achievement. Our work however is not done. We must continue our relentless pursuit of sustaining a culture in which zero incidents is the only acceptable objective.

Already in 2015, we have had more than one employee fracture bones as a result of slips, trips or falls. Other reportable incidents can also be directly attributable to slips, trips or falls. Additionally, there have been several other fall-related incidents that very easily could have become reportable.

At many of our locations, winter weather can be treacherous, as ice, snow and wet surfaces can create hazardous working conditions. Further, poor housekeeping can only make things worse.

I urge everyone to both establish and maintain high standards for housekeeping. Obstructed views and poor lighting directly affect your ability to see where you are going. Keep your work areas clean, organized and ensure that walkways are well lit and free of clutter. Clear travel ways of slippery materials such as grease, oil, water, snow and ice.

Report hazards promptly and ensure they are corrected. Never leave items or conditions for someone else to attend to. Store materials and equipment in a neat, orderly manner. It’s critical to correct the conditions, or root cause, of a spillage, and not just the spillage itself. Remove debris and accumulation of spilled materials, hoses, cables and other tripping hazards.

Keep your eyes on the path of travel. Be alert to changes in surfaces. Maintain three points of contact when descending or ascending ladders, steps or stairs. Use caution when entering/exiting vehicles and equipment.

Working in elevated areas also presents potential fall hazards. Where possible, conduct such work from a man lift and wear appropriate personal protective equipment. For those instances where work cannot be done out of a man lift, identify appropriate anchor points capable of holding 5,000 lbs., and wear fall protection such as lanyards and harnesses. Identify elevated work areas requiring frequent visits and use work platforms with handrails and toe boards.

Properly executed workplace examinations are our first line of defense and will eliminate a large percentage of ours slips, trips and falls.

Additionally, the SLAM (Stop, Look, Analyze and Manage) process should further allow us to identify and address potential hazards prior to commencement of work. Lastly, target housekeeping hazards during the safe behavior observation process.

Please remind everyone on your teams of the need to stay focused on their jobs and be aware of their surroundings. Our goal remains zero incidents, every day.

Thank you for your attention, take care and stay safe.

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