CEO Addresses Summer Safety Issues

Ward Nye's Letter to Employees Urges Vigilance as Temperatures, Activity Heat Up

By Ward Nye, President, Chairman and CEO

In February, I sent you a message related to slips, trips and falls, and other winter-related safety hazards that pose significant safety challenges at many of our locations.

Three months have passed and the weather has warmed up considerably. Spring has arrived and summer is fast approaching. While snowy and icy conditions are hopefully a thing of the past, safety challenges definitely are not.

As demonstrated by the increase in reportable incidents that we experienced last year at this time, it is critical that we stay alert at all times. Just because the weather has improved does not mean the risk of incidents has lessened.

This is the time of year when activity heats up at most of our operations. More activity means more to watch out for. With this increase in potential distractions, it is critical that we stay aware of our surroundings and keep keen eyes on not only what we are doing, but those around us as well.

In the weeks ahead, I encourage you to stay hydrated and be mindful not to push yourself beyond your limits. Fatigue, a factor in many incidents over the years, can lead to distractions and distractions can lead to complacency. Let's minimize that potential. Commit to conducting thorough workplace and/or job site examinations -- our best opportunity to identify and address hazards. Be aware of slip, trip and fall hazards, potential pinch points, suspended loads and line-of-fire hazards.

As always, housekeeping remains extremely important. A clean operation is a safer operation at any time of year. Make sure you use the right tools for the task at hand, and make sure you put everything back where it belongs when you are done.

We've had a good start to 2015, and I would like to see us maintain that momentum. Remember to always discuss safety before you start any task, and never, ever hesitate to speak up if you have any safety concerns related to what you are doing, or what someone around you is doing.

As I have said on many occasions, safety at Martin Marietta is a shared responsibility. We must all do our part if we are to be successful in this, our most important endeavor. Last year was the Company's safest ever and I am confident that if we can stay focused, it will soon become our second safest.

Thank you for your time and attention. Enjoy your summers and whether you're at work, at home or on vacation, please take care and stay safe!

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