40-Year Miners Honored at Southeast Safety Conference

Seven miners in Martin Marietta's Southeast Division were honored in November at the 10th annual Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference in Bir­mingham, Alabama.

40-year miners at Southeast Mine Safety and Health Conference
From left: John Stalcup, Alabama District production manager, McBryde, Pitts and Parsons.

The miners, who each were presented a 2015 Safe Miner Award, have served at least 40 years in the industry with­out a reportable injury.

They include:

  • James Hill Jr., loader operator, Augusta Quarry, 41 years
  • David Hinesley, officer manager, Warren­ton Quarry, 41 years
  • Coletta McBryde, weighmaster, Auburn Quarry, 40 years
  • Paul Parsons, yard loader/dozer operator, Maylene Quarry, 41 years
  • Solomon Pitts, yard loader operator, Auburn Quarry, 43 years
  • Cemonia Ray, loader operator, Warrenton Quarry, 41 years
  • Gene Ross, loader operator, Ruby Quarry, 44 years

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