Taylor Dorn Awarded a Martin Marietta College Scholarship

Texas scholar among first in family to attend college

Leading the Vidor High School marching band under those Friday night lights taught Taylor Dorn a great love of custom.

“We played the same songs in those stands that kids sitting in the same spot played 30 years ago and I think that was probably my favorite part of it,” says Dorn, one of nine students to be recognized in 2015 with a Martin Marietta college scholarship worth up to $3,500 a year. “The experience taught me how to uphold tradition while working with a team to get through the big issues.”

In a sense it’s odd, then, that Dorn – someone so clearly respectful of those who have come before – now finds herself breaking from the old road to forge a new one.

Ami Dorn and Taylor Dorn.

Ami and Taylor Dorn.

“My brother and I are the first gen­eration in my family to go to college and that makes me feel really proud,” she says. “We owe it to our parents. They’ve been quite successful with­out college and have always instilled in us the desire to work hard.”

To that end, Dorn involved herself in just about every activity she could find in high school, including the National Honor Society, the Student Council and the Key, Spanish, Mock Trial and History clubs. Further, she worked part-time at a local McDonald’s restaurant and volunteered with a church group.

“I think what I enjoyed most were the service projects we performed through the Student Council,” the 18-year-old says. “I was on the Teacher Appreciation Committee and each semester, we’d take part in a project to thank them for their work.”

As she moves on this fall to study biology at Texas A&M University, Dorn, the daughter of Ami Dorn, a senior credit representative in the Company’s Southwest Division, says she hopes to one day attend medical school.

“My goal is to become a forensic pathologist,” she says. “It’s something I understand and something I want to learn more about – how the body works and how its sys­tems work together.”

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