Mitch Mayfield Awarded a Martin Marietta College Scholarship

Texas A&M Student Hopes to Join Seminary

He’s learned as much from the people he’s known as the classes he’s attended.

Heading into his junior year at Texas A&M University, Mitch Mayfield. a 2015 Martin Marietta scholarship winner, says he prefers it that way.

“Being there has allowed me to see so many different pictures of life and so many people who have gone through such different things,” he says. “I’m coming to know more about the world and I’m growing and preparing for my future as a pastor.”

Mitch, Chris and Becky Mayfield.

Mitch, Chris and Becky Mayfield.

Perhaps the reason Mayfield feels as he does has some­thing to do with the activities to which he’s drawn.

He belongs to the National Collegiate Scholars and Phi Eta Sigma honor societies and is a member of Breakaway Ministries, a non-denominational Christian group, and Beta Upsilon Chi, a Christian fraternity.

Through work with these organizations, he’s done much to serve the College Station, Texas, community.

“The groups help me build relationships,” he says. “They help me grow closer in my relationship with God.”

The son of Chris Mayfield – an area sales manager in Tyler, Texas, who came to the Company from TXI – the accounting major is typically found outdoors when not in the classroom; during the summer, he works as a lifeguard at a water park and as a counselor at a camp teaching children about the Bible and Jesus Christ.

The 21-year-old, who is renewing his scholarship award for the second time, plans to attend the seminary after gradu­ation and is grateful for the support TXI and Martin Marietta have provided.

“The scholarship has definitely been good for my parents,” he says. “And know­ing that a bit of the cost has been taken care of really allows me time to focus on making the grades I need.”

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