Evan Long Awarded a Martin Marietta College Scholarship

Student: 'I'm There for School First'

Evan Long, a 2015 Martin Marietta scholarship winner, counts among his many strengths an in­nate ability to relate to people.

When you work, maintain relationships with family and friends and involve yourself in as many sports, charities and clubs as he does, exceptional social skills come in pretty handy.

“I just try to be engaged,” he says. “When I was younger, there were plenty of people who helped me, so now I just try to give back.”

Cheryl Long, Evan Long and Gary Long.

Cheryl, Evan and Gary Long.

Academically, the 18-year-old excelled at Fishers High School in Fishers, Indiana. He was selected to join the National Honor Society and, on three occasions, was named his school’s student of the month. As a senior, he also was named to the 2015 Indiana Football Coaches Association’s Academic All-State team.

He was just as successful outside the classroom.

Long played basketball and golf in addition to football and was active in Leaders for Fishers and the Interact Club, two primarily student-run organizations that work for good in the community. He coached youth football and volunteered as a counselor at a camp teaching children about outdoor sciences. All the while, he held down a part-time job at Target.

His busy schedule was challenging, but ultimately helped him prepare for life as a freshman studying com­puter science at Indiana University Bloomington.

“I’m going to keep the same mindset that I had in high school and try to get all my work done before I go out,” he says. “There are a lot of opportunities at college, but I’m there for school first.”

Long, who hopes to one day use his computer skills to “make peo­ple’s lives easier,” traces many of his achievements to his parents, Cheryl Long and Gary Long, a finance manager in the Mideast Division’s Indiana District.

“They’ve always been my biggest supporters,” he says. “They’ve helped make me who I am today.”

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