Catherine Sosnowski Awarded a Martin Marietta College Scholarship

Student Athlete: 'I feel called to serve'

To some, millennials often come across as self-absorbed know-it-alls more interested in their mobile apps than their fellow man. Caitey Sosnowski comes across just a little differently.

“I hope to join the Air Force as a nurse,” says the 2015 Martin Marietta scholarship winner. “I feel called to serve because I love this country and I want to do my part.”

Sosnowski, who graduated second in her class of 346 at Indiana’s Greenfield-Central High School, says Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, Indiana, appears to be a perfect match for her.

Amy, Caitey and John Sosnowski.

Amy, Caitey and John Sosnowski.

“I feel as though I’m meant to start the next phase of my journey there,” the 18-year-old says. “I will major in nursing and play volleyball while further establishing my Catholic faith.”

Those passions – faith, volleyball and nursing – have guided Sosnowski along her path.

As the cornerstone of her upbringing, her faith laid the groundwork for a life of service to others. As a captain on the varsity volleyball team, she honed her leadership skills and learned about time management and commitment. A number of unfortunate injuries kept her from play, but also gave her exposure to the medical field that many other teens do not experience. Seeing her doctors and nurses in action helped confirm what she already knew.

“My grandma was a nurse and she is the one who origi­nally piqued my interest in the field,” she says. “I love how nursing allows you to connect with people. You’re literally saving lives. Most people never get to do that.”

The daughter of John Sosnowski, a district maintenance and production services coordinator in the Mideast Divi­sion’s Indiana District, she says the injuries that sidelined her taught other lessons as well.

“They helped me to realize that everything happens for a reason,” she says. “You’ve got to trust in God that everything will work out and you’ve got to keep pushing forward.”

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