The Neighborly Thing

Martin Marietta's Fuquay Quarry Home to Children's Library

It sits on the edge of Fuquay Quarry in Holly Springs, North Carolina, and since July has given children free and convenient access to a host of experiences.

Not bad for a few hundred dollars and a day’s work.

The small children’s library, a “Monday Morning Mop-up” project built to compete with other operations in Martin Marietta's Mid-Atlantic Division, was designed with a simple goal: to promote literacy by providing age-appropriate books to the youth of the local community.

The Fuquay Quarry's children's library promotes literacy in Holly Springs, North Carolina.

(From left) Carter Rockefeller, 6, Elizabeth Rockefeller, 3, and Kylie White, 5, are among the children who read books from Fuquay Quarry's children's library.

Plant Manager Chubby Horton completed the first step of the project by purchasing $500 worth of lumber, paint and books on the Company’s behalf. Foreman Chris Hipp then constructed the library and painted it in Martin Marietta’s granite and blue.

“We want to be more than just a corporate neighbor,” Horton said. “The community here is doing really well and we want to be a part of that.”

The project didn’t win the division’s monthly competition, but Horton doesn’t mind.

“Our neighbors really appreciate it,” he said. “That’s enough for us.”

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