Management Associate Program

Offering Entry-Level Opportunities for Recent College Graduates

The Martin Marietta Management Associate Program (MAP) offers entry-level opportunities for graduating students from top universities (including both undergraduate and graduate programs). Qualified applicants for the MAP have backgrounds in mining and civil engineering, construction management or a related discipline. An interest in the aggregates industry and a desire for experiential learning are essential.

This "win-win" opportunity allows college graduates to learn about our industry, with hands-on training, right where the action takes place. You will work alongside some of the best in the business, learning something new every day. In addition to technical skills and operational experience, you will learn how to motivate others and facilitate the accomplishment of goals. You will also receive personal coaching from some of the best leaders in the industry and gain exposure to top company executives.

MAP Structure
  • A hands-on program will be tailored to complement your individual skills and experience
  • Your introduction to the elements of aggregates production, engineering, and management takes between 18-24 months to complete
MAP Focus Areas
  • Safety
    • Understanding safety standards
    • Managing safety communications
    • Motivating safe practices
  • Aggregate Production
    • Operation of crushing and processing equipment
    • Pit development
    • Drilling and blasting practices
    • Mobile equipment operation
    • Quality control
    • Customer service
    • Maintenance
  • Management Skills
    • Interpersonal communications
    • Planning and organization
    • Supervisory practices
    • Leadership strategies
MAP Success Factors
  • Be highly motivated, flexible, adaptable, and resilient
  • Exhibit the highest commitment to integrity and ethical decision making
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate leadership potential
MAP Recruiting

Martin Marietta leadership recognizes the exceptional talent developed through the MAP and limits the number of participants for the program each year based on business needs. On-campus recruiting occurs in the fall of the year at the following universities:

  • Colorado School of Mines
  • South Dakota Schools of Mines
  • Texas A&M
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Missouri Science & Technology
  • Virginia Tech
  • West Virginia University

Potential candidates not attending a university with on-campus recruiting can submit a cover letter and resume to the address below. We will accept applications between August 1st and October 1st.

For additional information, contact:
Martin Marietta Talent Management
2710 Wycliff Road, Raleigh, NC 27607


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