Plant Manager: A Critical Role

Plant ManagerAt Martin Marietta, plant managers run the essential day-to-day operations of materials plants all around the country. Tasks for these employees run the gamut, from ensuring safety and managing people to keeping track of financials. Martin Marietta plant managers truly have ownership of what they do, and their dedication and commitment to the job directly affects the performance of the plant.

Plant managers are responsible for all aspects of the plant: safety, maintenance, performance and personnel. “You’re going to need to have a broad spectrum of knowledge,” said Cliff McKeever, a 31 year Martin Marietta veteran and plant manager at the Ruby Quarry in Macon, Ga. “You need to have a good general understanding of the entire business.”

For those interested in learning these diverse skills, McKeever says Martin Marietta provides all the needed training and support. “This company will give you opportunities. They’ll help you achieve any goals in life that you want to achieve and they’re there to support you ... If you’re going to do your part, they’ll do their part.”

While the job requires a lot of work, those who are plant managers describe it as incredibly rewarding. They enjoy the opportunity to stay busy while on the job and control their own success. “There’s not a boring day,” said Jim Densberger, plant manager of the Beckmann Quarry in San Antonio, Texas and a Martin Marietta employee for 35 years. “The day flies by, and by the time you realize it, it’s time to go home to your family.”

Culture also plays a key role. Plant managers work directly with their employees every day, reinforcing Martin Marietta’s culture of safety and community. “We work together like family. We learn about each other’s needs,” said McKeever. “One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about working for Martin Marietta is the ethics. We have very high ethical standards within the company.”

Plant managers work hard on all aspects of running their plants. They’re constantly on the move, getting involved with the daily operation of their facilities. The great work that they do is reflected in the performance of their plants and of Martin Marietta. 

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