Life as a Martin Marietta Foreman

The duties of a Martin Marietta foreman run the gamut. Individuals who fill this position keep the day-to-day operations of their plants running smoothly. They know their facilities inside and out, managing the expenses and workload of their teams. They work closely with their teams, helping them accomplish each day’s goals.

Duties for a foreman include a variety of tasks, requiring high levels of technical knowledge and people skills. They spend their time inspecting and maintaining equipment, scheduling and training employees, managing business expenses and working alongside their teams. They are responsible for keeping the plant running as efficiently as possible. “You basically try to be as efficient as possible, managing people and the cost,” said 31 year Martin Marietta veteran Steve Shoulars, foreman of the grading crew at the Onslow Quarry in Richlands, N.C. “You move as much material as you can to offset the cost that you incur.”

Another key part of a foreman’s job is to keep their employees safe. They hold meetings and train their teams on safety programs used at the plant and emphasize safety in everything they do. “I know I achieved my goal when all my men go home safe every day,” said Marshall Stockman, foreman at the Boonsboro Quarry in Boonsboro, Md., who has been working at Martin Marietta for 23 years.

Becoming a foreman takes time and dedication, but is achievable for anyone with determination. “If you’re willing to show initiative and show the company that you care about what you do, there’s no limit to what you can do at Martin Marietta,” said Stockman. “That’s the opportunity that our company gives everyone who comes to work for them.” 

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