Thomasville Quarry Named a 2015 Honor Plant

North Carolina Operation Wins 4th Award Overall

Foreman Jason McCray leans back in his chair and thinks a moment before explaining why Thomasville Quarry was named a 2015 Honor Plant.

"Our safety record is really great," he says. "We crush really cheap. We have a small crew so everyone can step in to do a good job anywhere. It’s a whole round of things that have come together."

This year’s award, the quarry’s fourth overall and first in 10 years, comes as Thomasville’s average sales price continues to rise; the 2014 price was up nearly 6 percent over 2013 and 11.5 percent over 2012. Also up were total production and gross profit, the latter of which increased at the North Carolina site by more than 42 percent.

The team at Thomasville Quarry smiles after winning a 2015 Honor Plant award.

Johnny King, plant manager at Thomasville since May 2014, attributes the success to a joint effort that spans the Mid-Atlantic Division from Division President John Tiberi to the two employees who are routinely pulled into Thomasville from Asheboro Quarry, a site about 30 miles away that King also manages.

"It’s a good group and that’s where it has to come from," King says. "A plant manager can’t win Honor Plant. One employee can’t win Honor Plant. It really is a team effort."

Also working in Thomasville’s favor is that many of its employees live locally and facilitate opportunities through which Martin Marietta can work for good in the community.

The quarry has donated crushed stone for several church parking lots in recent years and has given a number of spirit rocks to local schools to help unite the students.

"These guys go to the churches that we’ve sent rock to and attended the schools that are getting these spirit rocks," McCray says.


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