Rio Medina Quarry Shines Like a Diamond

Martin Marietta Aggregates Facility Earns Company Award in San Antonio

New award, same result for Rio Medina Quarry.

One year after the team at this Southwest Division operation earned its first companywide recognition for outstanding performance, the employees at Rio Medina are back as Diamond Honor Award winners.

“Last year was great, but this year was even more rewarding, knowing that the quality of our work was good enough to get us there both years,” said Foreman Patton Gilliam. “It’s also rewarding given how busy we’ve been.”

Pat Kinser, who recently completed his first full year as plant manager of the site, said giving his team news of the award was a true joy.

“These guys were very excited when I told them they had won this year because they know how much time and effort goes into reaching this goal,” he said.

Rio Medina Quarry, a Martin Marietta Aggregates facility near San Antonio

Located just west of San Antonio, Rio Medina was acquired by Martin Marietta in June 2011. Its first few years were challenging given the state of the plant and equipment inherited from its previous owner. Considerable work was required simply to get the quarry to an acceptable and safe operating condition.

“We’ve finally transitioned to a point where we’ve gotten on top of a lot of the maintenance issues and we’re now planning for the future,” Kinser said. “We’re at the point where all of the hard work put in by these guys is starting to pay off.”

Not only has the work paid off, but it’s been done safely. The quarry hasn’t had a reportable incident since its acquisition.

“These guys believe in the Guardian Angel program and how much it enhances their safety,” said Kinser. “They’re always helping each other and making sure that little things don’t become big problems.”

Making the team’s focus on safety even more critically important is the fact that business at the limestone quarry has been booming. Over the past three years, production at the plant has increased by more than 6 percent and gross profit has quadrupled.

Leadman Ruben Aleman said the employees at Rio Medina are a proud, driven group that sets its sights high.

“They love to strive for big goals,” he said. “They’re a group of guys that don’t ask for much, but they give you a lot.”

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