Guernsey Quarry Wins 1st Honor Plant Award

Operation Just 2nd in Martin Marietta's Rocky Mountain Division to Receive Distinction

You’d understand if employees at Guernsey Quarry felt a little left out.

Located in southeastern Wyoming, 200 miles from its district office in Denver, Colorado, and nearly 120 miles from the closest Martin Marietta quarry, Guernsey isn’t exactly on the proverbial beaten path.

However, thanks to a sterling safety record, strong district and division support and some impressive business results, Guernsey’s team today finds itself a member of a pretty exclusive club. The first Wyoming site to be named Honor Plant and only the second Rocky Mountain Division location to earn the distinction, Guernsey’s employees are no longer on the outside looking in.

"This is a great honor," notes Plant Manager Tim Kuball. "We’ve come a long way over the past three years and it’s a pretty neat thing to be looked at by Martin Marietta as an Honor Plant."

The team at Guernsey Quarry in Wyoming poses for a picture after their site was recognized as a 2015 Martin Marietta Honor Plant.

Guernsey, along with Milford Quarry in Utah and Fort Calhoun Quarry in Nebraska, was acquired from Cemex in 2009. The site was originally part of the company’s Dallas-based Western Division, but joined the Rocky Mountain Division when it was created in 2012.

A rail-serviced operation featuring five distinct geological deposits (basalt, quartzite, limestone, dolomite and sandstone), Guernsey enjoyed a banner year in 2014, with gross profit increasing 72 percent and return on assets climbing 78 percent.

The most important numbers at Guernsey, however, are found on the safety ledger, where the quarry hasn’t reported a single incident in nearly seven years.

Utilizing the Guardian Angel philosophy and the Gold Star rewards program, Guernsey has developed an environment in which all of its 15 employees play a critical role in safety.

"We work as a team and we all strive for the same goal," says Yard Loader Operator Mindy Ducheneaux. "We all want everyone to go home safely at the end of every day."


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