Texas Plays Host to Martin Marietta 2016 Analyst & Investor Day

It was a day for work, and play, and really good food. But more than anything else, it was a day for Martin Marietta to shine.

Ward Nye speaks at Martin Marietta's 2016 Analyst and Investory DayThe Company’s 2016 Analyst & Investor Day, held at the Fairmont Dallas in the heart of the city’s Arts District, brought together an impres­sive collection of Martin Marietta leaders from across the country.

Led by Chairman, President and CEO Ward Nye, the presenters at the May 9 event included Executive Vice President and CFO Anne Lloyd, Southwest Division President Larry Roberts and Leo Fellin, director of marketing.

The presenters enthusiastically told Martin Marietta’s story of strength and growth, and then led their guests to Bridgeport/Chico Quarry, where those qualities were plainly visible.

Those in attendance enjoyed lunch while the massive vehicles that drive the Company’s business were on display. Ron Kopplin, regional vice president-general manager in the North Texas/Oklahoma and Arkansas districts, and Todd Lacey, plant manager at Bridgeport Stone, each spoke before the group. The guests also were led – in three busloads – on a driving tour of the grounds.

The following day, a second, smaller group gathered at the Midlothian Cement Plant, where Cement Division President Bob Kidnew spoke. Tours of that facility were given as well.

Much of Martin Marietta’s 2016 Analyst & Investor Day was simulcast via the internet. It can viewed at http://mlminvestorday.com/.

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