Pride and Country

Martin Marietta Thankful For Veterans' Sacrifices

At Martin Marietta, we understand that the dangers of military service do not end once the battlefield is left behind.

Luckily, there are groups working on behalf of servicemen and women everywhere to lessen these dangers.

Some build mortgage-free homes for veterans and their families. Others advocate for their physical and psychological well-being. Still others are dedicated to the loved ones of those lost.

These organizations are having a great and lasting impact - one which Martin Marietta is proud to help grow.

“Returning veterans are an important part of our community and we are honored to help them and their families where we can,” says Senior Vice President of Human Resources Don McCunniff. “These men and women have given much for this country and we’re exceptionally thankful for their sacrifices.”

From Michigan to Texas, Tennessee to Nebraska, North Carolina to Iowa, donations are being made, time is being spent and care is being given with one goal: to say “thank you.”

The benefits are mutual.

Just as Martin Marietta works with charitable organizations to assist returning veterans, several hundred veterans bring the skills, talents and attitudes acquired through the military to Martin Marietta.

“Many of these people possess qualities that other individuals may not develop for years, if ever,” says McCunniff, who served in the infantry with the U.S. Army. “They’re disciplined, focused and committed to accomplishing the mission. They also understand the critical importance of team work and safety.”

There are many Martin Marietta people doing great things for our veterans. Here are but a few of their stories:

Jeff Robinson Operation Finally Home
Jeffery Robinson, Sales Representative, Southwest Division
Tight Lines for Troops
Denny Kuenzer, Retired Quality Manager, Magnesia Specialties Division
Spc. Justin Christiansen
Justin Christiansen, Powder Man, Weeping Water Mine, Midwest Division
The Freedom Rock
Alden District, Midwest Division
Jeri Evans
Jeri Evans, Sales Representative, Southwest Division
Chattanooga Heroes Fund
Chattanooga Quarry, Southeast Division

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