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Martin Marietta Aggregates
2710 Wycliff Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 781-4550
President and CEO   C. Howard Nye

Martin Marietta Aggregates is the nationís second largest producer of construction aggregates in the United States, supplying the crushed stone, sand and gravel used to build the roads, sidewalks and foundations on which we live.

 The Company's strength lies in its strategic locations...

The Company has approximately 300 quarries and distribution facilities in 27 states, the Bahamas and Nova Scotia.

Strategic location alone, however, is not what distinguishes Martin Marietta Aggregates from others in the industry. Rather, it is strategic location, competitive pricing and dedicated employees who are committed to quality products and superior customer service that establish Martin Marietta Aggregates as a supplier whom customers can depend on -- a trusted leader in the aggregates business.

 Standards and Testing

Martin Marietta Aggregates is more than an aggregates supplier -- it is an aggregates leader, providing a network of technical support for its customers.

Lab personnel rigorously test construction aggregates according to federal and state standards and customize high-performing asphalt and concrete mixes to meet the specific needs of its customers. In addition to mix design, Martin Marietta Aggregates is also engaged in aggregates performance testing and research, finding enduring solutions to our nation's construction needs.


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